1100 Northlake Blvd
West Palm Beach, FL 33403

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    - Custom Arrangements
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Green Garden Supply

1100 Northlake Boulevard

West Palm Beach, FL 33403


- Orchids & Vandas  - Large Pottery                                             
- Bromeliads                     - Designer Containers & Cachepots
- Air Plants                        - Growing Supplies
- Interior Palms & Trees   - Fertilizers & Chemicals
- African Violets               - Orchid Supplies & Moss
- Ferns & Ivy                      - Baskets & Wooden Containers
- Anthuriums & Spathiphyllum  - Exotic Plants 
- Succulents / Cactus         - Aglaonema & Dieffenbachia
- Wooden Bases & Stands
- Oriental Porcelain               - Home & Garden Decor

                  AND MUCH MORE...

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Custom Arrangements
Green Garden Supply offers custom orchid, plant and floral arrangements tailored to your requirements. We have plenty of containers, pots and live inventory to choose from.

Please feel free to bring in your own container and let us create or recreate your masterpiece.
Delivery And Installation
Whether you need us to deliver a gift or if your purchased items are too large/heavy to fit in your vehicle, we can provide you with timely delivery and installation of your purchase.

-We provide on-site installations of interior trees, plants and pots.
-Planting services for garden pots
-Home Design Services and Planning
-Commercial lobby/office design and complete installations

Marina & Yacht Services
Our close proximity to the coast gives us the ability to cater to many South Florida Marinas. We are capable of handling large orders and can deliver custom arrangements to your marina or yacht. We welcome special orders and cater to many returning yachts and boat shows.